What is Branding for Solopreneur Hairstylists?

by Jaidan Hornbuckle

Have you had your cosmetology license for years and haven’t known where to start? Or are you fresh out of beauty school and unsure how to build your clientele? If you are ready to start building your personal brand as a solopreneur hairstylist, look no further! The brand is an essential part of any business. It is your image, who you are. In this post, we will define “branding” and look at how some famous beauty brands market their company.

First things first: a company brand is the combination of characteristics, public image, and symbols that form your unique identity as a hairstylist.

A brand is important because it explains who your company is and what they do. It is the first impression to your customers. Think of all the aspects you take note of when meeting a new person. For example, I always look at their hair and make an instant judgment based on how well it is done. You know that person means business if they have a sleek bob or a tight fade. Same with a brand that sticks to a black-and-white palette with bold lettering, succinct messaging, and professional image. If the person has platinum hair with pink and purple streaked through it or a mohawk gelled into a spike, chances are they are a bit more eccentric with a unique approach to life. Same with a business that presents itself as innovative and exciting with a bold palette that hosts electric colors and messaging designed to grab your attention and incite questions. Something as powerful as a brand can control whether your business grows or dwindles. As the
HubSpot Blog Team says, “It gives your organization an identity, makes your business memorable, encourages consumers to buy from you, supports your marketing and advertising, and brings your employees pride.” (Check out their blog on branding here). As hairstylists, we give our customers their first impression tools, so we need to put time and effort into building ours.

An example of phenomenal branding in the beauty industry is Burt’s Bees. Its gold color base with other colors used to explain the scent/flavor of the product gives the customer an exact visual of
what they are buying. Just by looking at Burt’s Bees, you can see that they focus on nature and make beeswax the differentiating ingredient in their products. Their brand is known for lip products and the natural moisturizing effects of beeswax.

On the other hand, Dyson products are known across markets for their innovative technology and effectiveness. Their blow dryers and styling tools are renowned for their efficiency and protective
heat. Designed in cool tones with electric accents, Dyson’s products display high-tech status and sleek figures.

Remember, your brand is the most important part of your fledgling business. You are responsible for giving your brand its personality and displaying it to others.

Now, sit down, take out a piece of paper, and start sketching out the characteristics of your personal brand. What its colors are, what its personality is, and who it wants to be.