The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media

Searching Social Media leading to great SEO

Can you believe that almost half of the world’s population is using social media? That is 3.78 billion social media users!

What has that got to do with your SEO marketing? Is there a connection between SEO and social media?

There is a connection between the two, so if you want your SEO to be more effective, social media marketing could give it a boost.

In our world, almost every business is competitive. Business owners need to use every tool at their fingertips to make sure that they stay in front of their audience.

If you want to learn how to make your SEO and social media efforts work together, keep reading.

Social Media Links Improve SEO Ranking

There is a connection between SEO rankings and social media value. Although Google says that social media isn’t a direct ranking factor, sites with high search rankings also tend to have high social media signals.

Bing is another popular search engine, and they say that they take social media into account in their search engine rankings.

One critical factor of SEO marketing is building backlinks. They need to come from domains of high authority. What domains have higher authority than Facebook.com or Instagram.com?

Social media marketing allows you to increase backlinks to your site. When you share quality content on social media sites, your followers share that content. More backlinks are created.

Social media links also give your credibility a boost. Search engine optimization is built on favoring sites they believe are credible.

As you share your content and other people share your content, bloggers find your content. If bloggers feel your content has value, they may share quotes and links back to your website.

The more people who link to you, the higher your SEO ranking.

One of the most labor-intensive factors of digital marketing is link building. Why not let others do the work for you?

SEO and Social Media Help You Get Indexed Faster

Fresh content on a website is posted to social media. People click on the link. Google notices that people are clicking on a link, and they send out bots to crawl your website and see what is new.

Getting search engines to re-index your website can be challenging. Using social media marketing informs search engines where there is something new to index.

Social Media Marketing Increases SEO Demand

When you share content from your website on social networks, people click on it and read it. The more people who read it, the more search engines notice that your site is getting traffic.

As your site gets more traffic from social media, search engines see more value in your site. This gives your website search engine optimization clout that you can’t buy.

People who see you interacting and engaging with your audience on social media will often look for your website for more info about your business.

Where do they look? They search for you on their favorite search engine.

Social Media Improves Local SEO

When you share posts on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks, make sure that you share your location. Local SEO efforts help people who are likely to use your services or buy your products find you easier.

You can use your location to build your local SEO in several ways. On Instagram, you can include a location on all of your posts. On Facebook and Twitter, you can turn on the location in the app.

Hashtags are another good way to reveal your location and tell search engines where you are. Use local hashtags that identify your area. Not only will search engines see the hashtag, but people will as well.

Social Media Networks are Search Engines

Many of the younger generations don’t even use Google and other search engines. When they want to find out where to shop locally or how to contact a business, they go straight to their favorite social media network.

Make sure your Facebook Page and other social media channels include important information. Your website, phone number, address, and business hours are all relevant details that social media can reveal.

Build Organic SEO with Social Interaction

SEO marketing is all about bounce rates, time spent on your site, and click-through rates. Social media can’t help with those things.

However, social media can help you learn about what factors keep people clicking on your site in the search engine and spending more time on your site. Use social media as a tool to learn to increase your organic SEO.

Look at your social media posts and see which ones get the best engagement. Which ones get the most likes and comments?

Use that information to improve SEO with better titles and meta descriptions. Identify topic clusters that you should add to your site. Learn what your followers engage with, and then add that to your website.

SEO and Social Media Teams Should Work Together

The search engine optimization team and the social media team are often considered separate departments in businesses. Even if you keep them separate, have them work together sometimes.

Allow them to discuss strategies to further their mutual goals. Let the SEO team support the social media team and vice versa.

Remember that their goals are the same. They both want to bring more customers to your business.

SEO and Social Media are the Siblings of the Digital Marketing World

Sometimes they wear each other’s clothes, and sometimes they answer to each other’s names. These two forms of digital marketing both want to keep the family happy.

SEO and social media have different focuses, but they both support your organic SEO and digital marketing efforts. Why not let them work together sometimes?

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