The Art of Email Marketing

by Luke Chapman

In the year 1971, long-distance communication was made much easier with the advent of electronic mail. Email, as we call it, is currently a popular form of interaction with others through an electronic device. Nowadays, email is mainly used for business, education, and today’s subject: promotion. Email is a brilliant way for small businesses and nonprofits to spread the word about what it is they do and how they can benefit audiences, and this method of promotion is called email marketing. These emails are important for the image of a company, especially those most people have hardly heard of, as it serves as the first impression to sendees. Email marketing is effective for all of these four stages of the sales cycle: cold prospects, new visitors, repeat visitors, and loyal subscribers. The following reading should help compose an email for each of the four stages.

Cold Prospects:

Cold prospects are those who have not heard of your company. Therefore, they know nothing about it. To reach this audience for the first time, it is important to remember that this is their first impression of your company. As the subject line is among the first things readers will see, the subject line could determine if a sendee reads the email or not, so give it an intriguing subject line. Be sure to give readers general information about your company, such as phone number, location, and hours of operation. Call-to-action is also an important part of your cold email, as it gives prospects a reason to keep paying attention, such as deals and discounts one can earn for buying your products. Make sure to personalize these emails, that way, readers’ interactions with the email will feel more intimate.

New Visitors:

For new visitors, those who have engaged with your business a few times, you want to send emails that will make them want to come back for more. Think about using similar techniques to the cold prospect emails, such as promoting deals they can get. You can also tell the readers other ways they can experience your company so they can get as much out of it as possible.

Repeat Visitors:

In order to write emails to visitors who interact with your company frequently, you will want to send them updates whenever possible, so that they know what is new about your company. Essentially, give them the scoop on what they should know, such as specials, offers, and upcoming events.

Loyal Subscribers:

For loyal subscribers of your company, appreciation letters are always welcome. That way, these customers know how important they are to you and continue to be loyal. It would also be helpful to send special coupons and advertise for loyalty programs. Specialized emails such as these will ensure that customers know that their contributions are worth it.

These methods should build customer trust, so promote your business through emails today!