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How to Engage Employees on Social Media

You created some amazing content. You posted it on social media. Then, you sent your team an email and asked them to share it, comment on it, and like it. And then…. (chirp, chirp) Yes, those are crickets filling the silence. So many people are frustrated with how to engage their employees on social media....
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We recommend Streamyard as a tool to live stream your video to social media.

Product Review: Streamyard to Live Stream Events and More

The pandemic has changed the way many of us create content. Those of us who relied on face-to-face interaction, events, and fundraisers were waiting for things to go back to “normal” in April 2020. Clearly, that didn’t happen. So, how have we adjusted? Live streaming video is one of the ways we were able to...
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I am a solopreneur not a miracle worker

A Solopreneur is NOT a Miracle Worker!

I have scrolled through my Facebook feed numerous times and seen the t-shirt with the following quote on it: “I am a marketer, not a miracle worker.” I am always tempted to buy it. Marketing is not magic. It’s hard work. It’s a lot of time and effort. In my small business, I help my...
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Creating tasks is easy with the CoSchedule marketing calendar

Product Review: Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

I am regularly asked for recommendations on tools that we use at H2H Consulting that streamlines our marketing efforts for us and our clients. Welcome to the first in our series of product reviews. Today, we are going to review the Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule since that is the foundation of all our marketing efforts...
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Practical Information to Help with Your Marketing Personas

What is a marketing persona? Wikipedia defines a persona as: A persona, in user-centered design and marketing, is a fictional character created to represent a user type that might use a site, brand, or product in a similar way. Marketers may use personas together with market segmentation, where the qualitative personas are constructed to be...
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