Representation through Action

by Kyle Banks

Have you ever heard the saying, “I believe you, but I need to see action?” Well ultimately, this is what public relations is all about. A concept that prompts companies to act in order to directly influence their mutual image along with credibility. It relays information on what a corporation or organization is exactly doing in the context of their business practice(s). This info release is primarily aimed to increase interaction, physical and digital, as far customers and stakeholders. Such information allows for the public to formulate their own feelings about a particular company. In the context of the corporation, they hope the attitude produced to come to form strong relationships. For instance, an individual really appreciates the way in which your brand is transparent in terms of the materials used; So, they seek interaction with your brand. This is considered a good outcome of marketing through public relations.   These relations act as the public’s primary evaluation with regard to brand image. Public relations is all about perception; That is, the perceived relationship between company and client. A positive brand perception enables a relationship in which a corporation or organization can efficiently translate their product launch, image association, and customer awareness. So, the goal is to present your brand in the most likable and well-perceived form in order to arrive at the desired positive outcome. This relationship is essentially built on a basis of credibility, there would not be such a strong correlation if trust was not a factor. While some state its credibility, it can also be perceived as authentic. Public relations can be seen in various forms: Events, social media, participation in a charity or a good cause, news releases, etc. It’s just about those relations! Further, public relations is an effective market strategy that supports long-term growth definitely should be utilized more, even in the context of small businesses.