Product Review: Streamyard to Live Stream Events and More

We recommend Streamyard as a tool to live stream your video to social media.

The pandemic has changed the way many of us create content.

Those of us who relied on face-to-face interaction, events, and fundraisers were waiting for things to go back to “normal” in April 2020.

Clearly, that didn’t happen.

So, how have we adjusted?

Live streaming video is one of the ways we were able to get engagement while staying home and staying safe.

My preferred tool for streaming and even recording content to stream later through LivePigeon (that will be my next review) is Streamyard.

Streamyard is a freemium tool, meaning it has free and paid options.

It is amazing and allows you to live stream to multiple channels all at the same time.

A Streamyard power user is Lady Sarah and Keith Fields of The Magic Soiree.

Their dinner show and many of their performances were canceled, but that didn’t stop them. They created a live streamed show called A Cup of T on Tuesdays at Two (Detroit Time)

Utilizing Streamyard, they are broadcasting live to over 200,000 homes and across 8 different channels.

Pretty cool, huh?

I was honored to be a guest in their 36th episode and you can watch it here to see how Streamyard looks for them:

Now, there are other ways you can utilize Streamyard and that includes fundraisers. Here was our first live scale event for Gifts For All God’s Children’s Christmas in July Fundraiser:

There are so many uses.

In November, I used it to pre-record presenters in a branded template so that we could stream their videos for a corporate conference. It eliminated the strange recording treatment we were getting with Zoom and GoToMeeting and even WebEx.

Streamyard really allowed us to create great content that was branded.

Here is a tour we did for you showing you Streamyard behind the scenes: