Product Review: SaneBox- Achieve Inbox Zero

Sanebox Review

Last week I reviewed CoSchedule, and if you haven’t checked it out I strongly recommend you take a look at that. It is a great tool to help you plan your marketing.

I am actually writing this blog inside CoSchedule right now.

This week’s product review is on SaneBox.

Sanebox logo

SaneBox was one of the few things I felt needed to be reviewed early in my Product Review blog series because it is so important to my sanity and my productivity.

I don’t think I could live without it.

How many emails do you get a week?

Have you missed any deadlines because you missed an important email?

I used to.

Then, I found SaneBox, thanks to Gini Dietrich and the group at Spin Sucks.

I get more than 200 emails per day.

Not all of them are important, but I had to filter through the unimportant emails to get to the important ones.

Inbox Zero

Have you heard about Inbox Zero?

Inbox Zero is a concept that you end the day with no emails in your inbox.

I heard that concept several years ago and thought it was some kind of joke.


Zero emails in your inbox at the end of the day?

No way could that happen.

With SaneBox, it is possible!

8 Reasons I LOVE SaneBox:

1. I am horrible at checking my email too often during the day, but SaneBox filters newsletters and other unimportant emails to folders and sends me a daily digest at the time of my choosing.

2. I have a tendency to run some of my to-do lists out of my inbox. It’s a bad practice. Hopefully, you aren’t like me. But with SaneBox, if I have an email I need to follow up on, I can file it in a folder called any of the following: @SaneTomorrow, @Sane3Days, @Sane3Hours or even @SaneSaturday. It will then show up like it is a new email on that day. It’s amazing!

3. @SaneBlackHole is a place I can put unwanted emails that it won’t even show me in my digest. It is a super safe unsubscribe for me because I don’t need to click on something that might be a virus link for something I never signed up for in the first place.

4. It tells me how many emails I received, how many I sent, how low my inbox was that week, and how much time it saved me in a weekly report. Isn’t that amazing? Here is an image from a 2019 report for me:

Kendra's SaneBox Stats

Yes, I received 1,770 emails and sent 616 emails. It was a busy week, but I was able to get down to 1 email in my inbox because all the clutter went away into my Sane folders.

5. I can add any email addresses to it that I want. I have it managing my Gmail and my Outlook for H2H Consulting.

6. Unlike with the Junk folder, it’s searchable. If I was looking for an email with a coupon that probably came, I can search the items in my @SaneLater and other folders and pull it up only when I need it.

7. It learns! The AI studies what I do with certain emails and follows the training I create.

8.  It rescues emails that might not be SPAM. Have you ever had anything go to your junk folder that wasn’t supposed to be there?

It happens too often for me.

SaneBox has a @SaneNotSpam folder that rescues emails that may have gone to junk. That’s a relief when you are in a service business like we are at H2H Consulting.

How do I recommend you use SaneBox and manage your email better?

First, turn off email notifications on your desktop.

Then, triage and touch email only once.

I have two hours a day set aside for email and I go through my inbox. I either handle it, snooze it for later, or delete it.

Can you imagine how easy that makes my life?

According to SaneBox,

We all get so much email. Most of it does not need to be read, let alone interrupt your day. SaneBox’s AI makes sure that only important email stays in your Inbox.

Is it Safe?

Is anything really safe anymore?

I get a lot of questions about how it works, and can tell you that it is, “Magic.”

Yep. I am super technical.

Here is what SaneBox says:

It simply adds a folder to your current email setup and filters less important emails there. SaneBox never looks at the content of emails, only the headers. SaneBox is exceptionally safe—nobody, not even the software, reads the content of your emails.

Interested in giving it a try?

Use my referral link and save $25 if you choose to buy after your free trial. https://www.sanebox.com/signup/a2eed69845/c

No credit card is required, but it will change your life!

Just visit SaneBox and check it out: SaneBox.com

Good luck with increasing your productivity!