Product Review: LivePigeon- Go Live Without Being Live

Go live without being live using LivePigeon

According to Hootsuite, Facebook Live videos receive six times more engagement than standard videos.

They also reported that the daily watch time for Facebook Live broadcasts is four times higher than 2020 and one in five videos on the platform are now Live.


Live video is a key in your well-rounded social media effort.

Now, I do prefer being live when you can be live.

It’s important to engage with people as they check in with your live video so you can acknowledge that you see them, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

When it isn’t possible and you are balancing schedules and need to do something at an off time, I recommend using LivePigeon.

LivePigeon allows you to go live without being live.

My video overview of LivePigeon was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube even though I recorded it in advance.

What do I love about LivePigeon?

  1. Their customer service is fantastic!
  2. It’s easy to use. You don’t need to know any coding.
  3. It’s affordable.

First, I think their customer service is so fantastic that I need to provide some additional insight. They have responded to my emails nights and weekends. They have followed up after I have been super nervous about a live stream and confirmed there weren’t any issues. They really treat you like you are their priority.

Second, as you will be able to see in the overview video, streaming to YouTube and Facebook is super easy with a few clicks.

Third, it’s affordable. They have several plans that allow you to stream different lengths of videos and even a pay as you go plan option. Your first video is on them too, so be sure to test it out if you want to.

How can you use LivePigeon in your marketing plan?

Think about the video messages you want to share with your audience.

Can any of them be live-streamed? Usually, the answer to this is yes.

Are you nervous about being live? There isn’t an edit button there.

Then LivePigeon may be the perfect solution for you!

I regularly record in Streamyard for branding (learn more about Streamyard in my overview here) and then I will stream live from LivePigeon.

It’s an amazing tool and I strongly recommend you check it out.

Interested in signing up? Feel free to use my affiliate link here.