Product review of Harvest

I love sharing with my clients the time I invest in building their brand or non-profit.

Tracking time also helps me better understand my business and where time is going.

It helps me create better quotes too.

I love knowing where my time goes and how it is spent each week.

I use a tool called Harvest for this.

Harvest Screen shot for time trackingHarvest is a time tracking tool that can help you manage your expenses, your team, projects, invoices, and the scheduling of resources.

I have it on my computer and on my phone.

I start a timer when I start on a project and then I can stop that timer and start a new one when I am done with whatever task I was working on and start a new one.

Adding time to a project in HarvestIt really helps me understand my time and where it is going.

I don’t think I will ever stop using Harvest. It is too valuable a tool for me and my business and provides such amazing insight.

Why do I love Harvest?

  • It works where I work. In a browser or on my phone, it syncs across all my devices.
  • It works well for recurring projects. Every month, my retainer clients start over with the same settings. I am able to track my time investment each month for each client or project.
  • It integrates with nearly everything including Outlook, Slack, Chrome, Asana, Quickbooks, and more. There are no excuses to not track time.
  • I can add notes. Each day, depending on what I am working on, I can add notes to remember what I worked on that day.
  • I can code how a job is priced as fixed fee, time and expenses, and more, allowing me to make sure I am paid for the work my team and I invest in my clients.
  • I can check in with team members who are over capacity and may be overburdened and working too hard.
  • It sends me reminders when I am getting close to budget. (Sometimes, I just turn off that feature when I know we are going to go over budget.)

The transparency in my business is extremely valuable.

I love it.

Normally I try to share a video in my product reviews, but Harvest has too much personal data and information, making it difficult to do. If you are interested, I am always willing to share about what I do and how I do it, just reach out and contact us.

If you are concerned about not having enough time to manage your marketing, be sure to check out our blog post for Solopreneurs on how to pick and choose where to start with your marketing.

If you are interested in a free trial of Harvest, you can click here on my referral link and get $10 off your first month if you decide to sign up or just visit getharvest.com.