Product Review: Constant Contact with Bonus Ideas on How to Grow Your Email List

Constant Contact Product Review

As a Certified Partner, Constant Contact is one of my favorite tools.

Not just because I love email marketing and it is so effective, but because it is a great tool that you can use to integrate your marketing across platforms.

It’s a singular tool that you can use to track all of your marketing efforts.

Here are my 7 favorite things about Constant Contact:

  1. It has an easy drag-and-drop email builder. I do not need to know how to code to create great look emails.
  2. I can grow my list with amazing tools built-in from pop-ups on your website, to inline forms on your website and even a text to join feature.
  3. I can segment contacts and easily email the segment based on their activities like:
    • People who opened specific emails or a specific email
    • If they did not open emails
    • If they have a tag in their profile
    • and more.
  4. I can create landing pages that will provide leads for my business.
  5. I can post to my social media pages and see it all in one calendar, all for one price.
  6. I can automate my emails with an automated email series.
  7. I can create ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram right inside Constant Contact.

There are other tools too, like the website builder, but overall, Constant Contact is a great one-stop-shop for managing all your digital marketing needs. If you are a big company or a small shop, email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with your customers, followers, subscribers, etc. Not sure how to prioritize your marketing? Check out our blog on the things solopreneurs should focus on in their marketing.

Looking for tips to grow your email list?

Here are my tips about where to include your email list signups:

  1. Ask people when they are making a purpose, when you are helping people, at events (even virtual ones)
  2. Put up signs inside your store, restaurant, and business
  3. Include information on your business card
  4. Include it on flyers, direct mail, and brochures
  5. Place it on your website
  6. Include the sign up on social media
  7. Include it in your email signature
  8. When people are checking out online

How do you entice people to sign up?

  1. Don’t make it about joining your email list. Add value.
  2. Provide discounts and promotions.
  3. To stay in the know about what’s happening and volunteer and donate.
  4. Share exclusive content.
  5. Disclose how many times you will be sending and what you will be sending and stick to it.

Following my own advice:

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