Nonprofit Marketing and Hybrid Events

Hybrid events became part of the new normal because of some worldwide restrictions. Thanks to tools like Zoom, Streamyard, ClickBid and others they’re now easier to organize. Part-virtual and part-live, hybrid events allow organizations to target a wider audience.

However, you still need a way to reach those people. How do you achieve a high attendance rate for your hybrid fundraiser, whether virtual or live? It’s all about non-profit marketing.

Read on for some tips on how to achieve a successful event for your non-profit organization.

1. Set Your Goals

First, set goals for your hybrid event marketing. What do you want your event to achieve?

Do you want to increase your live audience or their virtual counterpart? Are you looking to raise awareness toward your non-profit organization’s goals?

Non-profit marketing is like any other type of marketing. You must have clear goals as your foundation. These will determine the necessary steps to achieve them.

Consider how you’re going to measure your goals. It allows you to evaluate your strategies at any point to discover what works.

2. Update Your Website

Make every website visitor know about your hybrid event. Advertise it on your home page. Create a dedicated landing page while adding it to your events page.

Your landing page is where your visitors go when they click on your ads or exterior links. Ensure it has captivating visuals and complete details about the event.

Doing these simple steps will entice any visitor to sign up. On that note, make the process more convenient. Put the registration form on the same webpage to ensure they won’t wander off.

Another method is to use non-intrusive pop-ups on your website. It allows visitors to know about the event. It applies no matter where they land on your website.

A sticky bar works the same way. Add a CTA button to direct them to the registration page or insert a form field to get your prospects’ contact details.

3. Create Content

In today’s world of digital marketing, content is king. Post content about your non-profit organization on your website’s blog section. However, it’s best not to limit yourself to event details.

Content development will help your audience and visitors learn more about your organization. It informs them of what you’re striving for and your brand identity. It gives them more reasons to support you and your event.

In short, your content can educate them and raise awareness about your cause.

More importantly, you can reach out to prospects using content marketing. Use search engine optimization (SEO) to reach higher ranks on the search engine results page (SERP). You’ll gain more visibility and raise brand awareness.

You can also share your content on social media. These platforms make your content more visible to other people. Even without going viral, more people will become more aware of your organization.

Furthermore, creating valuable content is a good way to gain more followers. You can use it to improve your social media marketing plan.

4. Get to Social Media

Speaking of, you need a solid social media marketing strategy. Find out your audience’s preferred websites and build a presence there.

Your page should highlight your recent event. Use it as your profile picture and even your cover page. It allows page visitors to know about it right away.

Make sure to explore other social media features as well. For example, you can post about the event and then pin it to the top of the timeline. It allows visitors to see it first.

Device a social media marketing strategy as well. Post killer ads leading to your landing page. Engage with your audience and post about the event regularly.

Post at least once a day to keep the event relevant. Share teasers, small details, and even swag if you plan to give some at the event. Use hashtags to make it easier for your audience to find your posts.

5. Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to inform your subscriber list. It includes past attendees and people interested in your non-profit organization. You can show your organizations strengths to further convince them.

It can be tricky, despite having billions of email users across the globe. You must captivate the reader with only the title of your email.

You have to be creative and informative to convince your audience to open your email. It must also be compelling enough to make them click your landing page link.

Use CTAs, images, and other elements to engage your readers. You may also use different messages to target different audiences. It makes your email feel more personal.

If you can spare some funds, invest in tools to automate your email marketing strategies.

6. Prepare Your Marketing Materials

Preparing for hybrid event fundraisers is hard work because you’re not done yet. You still have a lot of marketing materials to create aside from the ones we’ve mentioned above.

First, you must prepare a press release to get the word out. Submit it to reputable online publications. Be patient since other publications will eventually pick it up and increase your reach.

You also need your brand to be everywhere. Prepare brochures, postcards, business cards, and other related items. It’s best to prepare useful things since people are more likely to keep them.

Make sure your brand is prominent to ensure recipients remember your organization. You can include details like your cause, your organization’s strengths and achievements, values, and more. Regardless, these items should have the details for your fundraiser event.

Learn More About Non-Profit Marketing Now

Non-profit marketing is the same as other forms of marketing. Use the tips mentioned above to make your non-profit events more successful.

Regardless, marketing is no easy task, especially for non-profit organizations. For a successful hybrid fundraiser event, you have a lot of other strategies to learn.

Do you need help with your future events? Contact us today and let’s talk about your goals.