Kendra Corman Highlighted on A Cup of T

Lady Sarah’s Magic Soiree, probably the best dinner show in Michigan, if not beyond, was canceled due to COVID-19 and the shutdown. 

That didn’t stop Lady Sarah and Keith Fields. 

They decided to work on a LIVE streamed show on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Two from Troy. They call it “A Cup of T.” 

As we were all working through uncertainty. 

Some people froze.

Some found opportunities.

Some twirled. (Pivot is too overused.)

Lady Sarah’s Magic Soiree found an opportunity while twirling and changing what they were doing. 

They have been highlighting the community and businesses throughout Metro Detroit and working with magicians from around the world to bring a bit of light into this crazy year. 

What else have they been doing?

Well, a lot actually. 

They are performers.

And what is a Zoom meeting?  Isn’t it a performance, in some way shape or form?

They do corporate training so that you can have a stronger presence. 

They have been working on virtual fundraisers for non-profits.

And they have their Cup of T live streamed show. 

Be sure to tune in or watch the recording or check out all their recordings here: https://themagicsoiree.com/a-cup-of-t/