How to Engage Employees on Social Media

You created some amazing content.

You posted it on social media.

Then, you sent your team an email and asked them to share it, comment on it, and like it.

And then….

(chirp, chirp)

Yes, those are crickets filling the silence.

So many people are frustrated with how to engage their employees on social media.

Some are camera shy. Some don’t have social media accounts and some have a strong belief in the separation of work and personal.

It’s frustrating.

You know you need engagement, but there isn’t anything or anyone helping.

What can you do?

Start by ignoring the people that you can’t engage. They will not change and you aren’t going to be able to get them to engage.

Employee advocacy is important for your brand and you know it, so do not give up on everyone.

Here are some things you could try to engage employees on social media and create brand ambassadors

  1. Make it easy. Give them content and reminders and instructions.
  2. Create and share interesting content.
  3. Educate them about why sharing is important. Can you host a lunch and learn? Present at department meetings? If they understand that every little bit helps, they might be more willing to assist you.
  4. Highlight the employees. If your employees are okay with it, highlight their achievements and tag them in the posts. Encourage their managers to tag them and bring everyone together to celebrate or acknowledge achievements.
  5. Document what’s happening. Instead of always working to create content and share articles and blog posts, document what the company is doing and share the success. Others will find it valuable and share the content too.
  6. Engage with partners and customers to highlight them online. The employees that work with those customers may be more motivated to celebrate with them.
  7. Don’t ask employees to always be selling. That’s not something many of them want to do on social media channels.

Right now, I am working with a client to encourage their social media ambassadors and encouraging them to engage with the brand online.

The 3 social posts we have made available to the team in the first half of January 2021 have reached over 25,000 people and had more than 2000 impressions with an earned media value of nearly $1000. These aren’t people who are following our pages, but people that are connected to our employees, growing our exposure beyond what we could do without advertising.

We decided to use a tool for employee advocacy to track sharing. We also shared with the team the importance of the information we were sharing for the growth of the organization.

It has taken a few months, but as you can see, they are having an impact.

Good luck and get engaged.