Hitting a Bullseye on your Target Market

by Benjamin Alasina

The most crucial part of success in a small business is understanding your target market. Even the largest companies in the world cannot cater to everyone effectively. To remedy this and be more efficient and effective, they choose target markets. A specific target market can help a business narrow its marketing adventures to focus on the actual buyers of its product.
A great example of this would be the company Activision which specializes in making video games for teens and young adults. Imagine grandma getting an advertisement for a first-person shooter game, don’t think that’s a great idea. So the solution is finding that group of people that uses your product, a group that you can specifically target your ads to. In Activision’s case, the majority of first-person shooter players are between the ages of sixteen to twenty-eight and are male.
Great now how are you going to understand those people? I mean, you know who and how old they are, but there’s a whole world of things that you can find out to help target your audience better. Some of these things are job status, hobbies, relationship status, education status, ethnicity, religion, where they reside, income, where they get their media, etc. A narrower target market allows the advertisement to be more personalized and more effective. Not every male that is sixteen to twenty-eight years old is the same. Everyone is diverse, and each person goes through life differently. This understanding can further the success of a targeted market.
Finally, how will you reach your target market? Today’s world has many different media outlets and platforms to market on; delivering your coupon via carrier pigeon isn’t going to cut it. Most of Activision’s target market uses social media such as Snapchat and TikTok, and platforms such as Facebook are for an older, more mature audience. Finding the right medium to deliver your advertisements to the targeted audience is the cherry on the cake of a successful modern marketing campaign.
Overall to be competitive in today’s society, know your target, understand your target, and find out where you can reach that target. Using that guideline will help make a difference in your advertising venture.