Great Magazines leave a great First Impression

by Stephen Figueroa

Did you Know magazines offer an uncluttered way for ads to be seen? Studies also show that print ads display more of the information consumers need to react and buy. That is evident in how Print Ads target Baby Boomers.

Please keep reading to know The Diversity of the Magazines Voice, The Strategy behind Magazines Advertising, and the Design of a Magazine itself. 

The Diversity of the Magazines Voice

Magazine messages have a longer life span which allows consumers to hold on to magazines longer.

As audiences think more critically about what voices and information they trust, they are increasingly seeking out the professionally researched, written, edited, produced, and curated content that magazine brands make across Channels.

The Strategy behind MAGAZINE Advertising

If you think about it, magazines are a time capsule, capturing lifestyles, values, trends, and fads.

You must know what people want to make an impact on and for your messages to last.

  • Target

The more that is known about the target’s interests and lifestyle, the better. Magazines do well with that, thanks to the specialized targeting of magazines.

Target Magazine Specialized Format

Magazines’ specialized format allows advertising to talk directly to the people buying and using the brand.

There is something for everyone. In Magazine Advertising, they must be willing to know exactly what people want.

  • Objectives

So, in magazine advertising, we want the consumer to be aware of the product and draw their attention. Generating interest in a new or reinvented product is critical.

Also, Reinforcing the decision to purchase an expensive product or service by showing benefits of ownership is how we keep consumers coming back.

The Look of magazine design

Image is everything when it comes to magazines. You know that feeling when you are waiting in a lobby for an appointment, and you look over to the table with the magazines and see one that caught your eye. That’s a perfect example of thinking about the type of consumers you are targeting.


Good design gives the first inspection of your brand. This often shows elite products and reflects personal image.


In most cases, someone thought about what caught people’s eye; it can be a magazine’s font, color, or topic it may be on. Copy should be detailed, informative, and educational.


The goal is to assist consumers with their buying decision by making them feel, see, taste, and imagine the product in their lives. Visual images should develop an identity and create a visual personality for the product or service.

Word of Advice 

Having a good strategy in marketing Magazines to consumers is essential.

You can never expect people to read or be interested in your product if you don’t first find what your target market is into. It’s all about going the extra mile to give people what they want or find creative ways to draw people to read or see your product. I hope you learned something or brushed up on how Magazines call your consumers to action. I encourage you to continue to think outside the box and get into the minds of your target audience.

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