Free 2021 Marketing Planning Course starts January 1st

Looking to kick off the new year with a strong marketing plan for your organization or non-profit?

Kendra Corman of H2H Consulting has created a 30 day series of tasks to help you create your marketing plan.

What is on the schedule?

A lot.

The first few days are pretty intense but create the foundation for your marketing plan. Check out what’s on the schedule for the first 10 days:

Day 1: Mission and Brand Values

Day 2: Product Features and Offerings

Day 3: SWOT Analysis

Day 4: Competitive Analysis

Day 5: Define your Target Audience

Day 6: Goal Setting

Day 7: Celebrate!

Day 8- Positioning Strategy

Day 9- Thinking through your Marketing Communications Strategy

Day 10- Creating Content Ideas

We hope this will help you and your business grow in 2021 and give you some time to set aside to work on your business not just in your business.

Want to learn more about Kendra? Read about her and H2H Consulting here: https://h2hconsulting.net/about-us/

Registration for this event is now closed.