Five Fun Ways to Promote Your Business During Halloween

Happy halloween setting that's perfect to leverage for your business marketing

Halloween is nearly upon us and it’s time to give your customers ‘pumpkin’ to talk about this year.

The average spend per buyer at Halloween keeps on increasing. In the US, it sits at a whopping $92.12 per person. From bags of candy to decorations, everyone loves to celebrate in style.

This article offers five fun Halloween promotions that can help drive sales for your small business.

Read on to discover how a well-planned Halloween event can bring in new business. And expand your brand online through online holiday promotions.

1. Costumed Halloween Promotions

Why not mix up your routine by dressing your staff in costume?

Own a gym? All the trainers could wear an Addams Family costume while they take a spin class. Get them to dress as pirates and hand out flyers that end on November 1st like they were pieces of eight.

Even better, why not invite your customers to join in?

Offer a special discount for the best costume. Don’t forget to take pictures and promote the festivities on your website and social media.

2. Halloween-Themed Products

Over $8 billion was spent in the US last year during Halloween with the top seller being candy. Why not capitalize on that by selling themed edibles?

Bakeries can see queues lining out the door for a white chocolate ghost cookie or green iced witch fingers. For the more health-conscious, why not offer fruit bowls in the style of a Jack-O-Lanterns?

Sliced oranges make a perfect face while dark grapes are great as eyes and a crooked mouth. You can offer them as treats to everyone entering your store no matter your business type.

3. Pumpkin Carving Halloween Marketing Event

Everyone loves to carve a pumpkin so make it a noteworthy event.

Cordon off an area of your store as a carving station. Hollow out the pumpkins and promote the event well in advance.

People will flock to see the best (and worst) results. And while they are there you can ask them to share their pictures on their own Instagram accounts.

4. Halloween Direct Mail Campaigns

Give the trick and treaters what they want — candy!

Include a piece of candy with each of your direct mailings during October. The kids will love it and the big kids will enjoy the tasty gift too.

Theme the letter with oranges and purples. And make sure to tie the copy with an in-store promotion over Halloween.

5. Online Holiday Promotions

Your website and social media presence will see a boost in traffic if you alter the theme to match the season.

Add ghostly noises like creaks and groans when the visitor clicks a button. Change your default email replies as if they came from Transylvania. Upload a photo of your staff dressed as witches to use as the main image.

You can find a host of useful resources on our website to help. Just don’t forget to change things back in November!

Small Business Marketing for All Seasons

Halloween promotions are an excellent way to drum up business before the run-up to Christmas. However, it can be difficult to plan the perfect party or think of new small business ideas that will bring in new customers.

H2H Consulting helps small medium-sized organizations get more from their Halloween sale and more.

Our team will work with you to design the perfect marketing plan. We also create and build business brands. And we will promote your company through events, videos, mailshots, and social media.

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