Email and Digital Marketing: Making the Most of Digital Boom

by Paolo Vitale

Email and digital marketing is becoming more and more popular as technology increases, and it’s no surprise as to why. The increased usage of online services and opportunities is allowing different types of marketing strategies to flourish. Especially since the events of COVID-19, digital marketing and emailing has become much more common, and in some cases, even necessary.

Email marketing allows companies and brands to be creative with their strategies and tactics to market them towards their target audiences. People will often be checking their email several times a day, so they may as well experience forms of advertisement while doing so.  A number of digital trends have been able to surface and take place, such as social media branding and promotion through websites. Many small business owners and marketers use platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Etsy. Emailing through these sites or even separately is more common that not. Even before the pandemic began, this has proven to be one of the most effective methods for online sellers and business owners to segment and target their products towards their desired audiences. Learning to write effective emails is important in online marketing, as effective emailing and marketing will help you catch the attention of your desired audience members and give your intended focus into what you are promoting.

Not only is email marketing fun to use, but it is chock-full of benefits. For example, there are 38 million email users worldwide, so this is a plentiful amount of potential customers that anybody can email and market to. Another excellent reason to use email marketing is that YOU personally own that channel. You are the one who gets to design the emails and see as to how they will be used for your audience. Outside of the compliance regulations, there are no external entities that can see how you have impacted or how or why you have reached out to your subscribers and/or targeted audience.

All-in-all, when email and digital marketing is considered, it is incredibly useful and provides endless benefits for online-based marketers and business owners. It is never too late to begin learning the ins and outs of email and digital marketing to help grow your brand and raise attention in some of the easiest ways possible.



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