by Darcy Bennin

Copy is something we see and face every day and we may not always realize it.

Rather it be walking down the street and reading street signs, business logos, bench designs, all these aspects have some form of copy in them. Reading the News Paper, Magazines, or advertisements in the mail, all have forms of copy. Even everything on the internet, social media, websites, all have forms of copy.

What Is Copy?

  • Copy is also known as Copywriting.
  • Copy or Copywriting holds the components like headlines, subheadings, body or detail copy, and things like slogans and or taglines
  • Copywriting is the first step taken when moving from business thinking to an actual creative brief.

Copy seems like a simple thing when it comes to the creation process, however, there are so many rules that creators follow so they are able to reach the eye of the most consumers.

People like visual relations. How items are written and laid out is all something we judge when we are reading or looking at writing, even if we may not realize it.

Many rely on readability and legibility. This means creators want people to be able to read at a glance and be able to understand the message at a short glance

Typeface, typestyle, sheriff, and weight are all something that creators must consider when writing and creating a new piece to put out to consumers.

There are a set of rules when it comes to copywriting, just like there is when it comes to everything in life. These rules can consist of:

  • No more than two types of typefaces per design
  • For best results, only one type of sheriff facing should be used.
  • The type of copy that is used should reflect the personality of the brand it is being used for. This is used as a device for branding the company.

Consumers will often link the copy of the text to certain slogans or taglines of specific companies. For example, everyone knows the big thick, bold design of Nike’s tagline; JUST DO IT.

Elna Cain is someone who can follow with her article, 3 Powerful Copywriting Tactics to Make You A Better Blogger, really digs into the rules and importance of Copywriting. Her blog is able to help you better gain an understanding and even help you when it comes to your next form of writing.

Next time you sit down to view, or read something, take the time and look at the visual aspects of the writing. Is it thin? Bold? A unique font? What is it that makes it stand out to other designs that you have seen?