Searching Social Media leading to great SEO

The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media

Can you believe that almost half of the world’s population is using social media? That is 3.78 billion social media users! What has that got to do with your SEO marketing? Is there a connection between SEO and social media? There is a connection between the two, so if you want your SEO to be more...
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5 Ways Email Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts

For many companies, SEO and email marketing are dual departments with two distinct strategies. Your SEO expert and CRM wiz might exchange thoughts during weekly check-ins or bond at the company happy hour. However, if their collaboration is limited to brand voice, it may be time to revisit your content marketing strategies. To learn more about the relationship between your email...
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shopping cart on computer screen with emails coming in above it

7 Profitable Reasons to Get Started With Email Marketing Right Now

Have you added email marketing to your overall marketing strategy for your company yet? The ROI of email marketing is huge — you’ll get a return of $42 for every $1 you spend. This strategy continues to deliver massive results for companies as a way to reach their customers and increase their sales. If you’re still on the...
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A Google Search on a computer getting ready to find your blogs

Blog Writing for SEO: A Guide For SEO Blogs

According to recent stats, between 70-80% of internet users read blog posts. This statistic alone relays the importance of not only having a blog but also having a great blog. So what exactly is it that makes one blog perform so much better than another? Simply put, if you want users to find your blog and soak...
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woman at computer drafting email newsletter

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Email marketing isn’t dead! In fact, 80% of businesses believe email marketing boosts customer retention. About 60% of people say emails influence their buying decisions. For every $1 you spend, you can generate $32 in ROI, too! Don’t rush to start creating your email marketing strategy yet. Instead, keep these tips in mind first. With these tips,...
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Email marketing is one of my favorite tools

Get Engagement from Your Emails

Marketing is all about results. What results are you going for? There are a ton of different goals you can set, but usually, a sale, a donation, or some sort of action is what you want to happen from all of your hard work, time, and or money investment. Email marketing is one of my...
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EAT Your Vegetables for Strong SEO

Okay. This blog post isn’t really about eating your vegetables. It is about EAT for SEO. EAT stands for: Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthiness Google believes that websites and pages should be created to help users. If you think about your website, it shouldn’t be developed to harm anyone, deceive people or a make money scheme. Well,...
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8 Tips for Virtual Events

I miss people. If you are like me, you really want to get together with people, but you aren’t sure when that is going to be and when others are going to be comfortable getting together. Yes. I miss people, but I am also not chomping at the bit to be at an event with...
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How to Engage Employees on Social Media

You created some amazing content. You posted it on social media. Then, you sent your team an email and asked them to share it, comment on it, and like it. And then…. (chirp, chirp) Yes, those are crickets filling the silence. So many people are frustrated with how to engage their employees on social media....
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Webinar on how to grow with Google ads

How to Grow with Google Ads- February 18, 2021 at 10am EST

If you don’t know the answer to a question, what do you do? You go to Google and search. Most small businesses and nonprofits are not fully optimized and don’t necessarily rank on the first page of Google for key search terms. Andy Crestodina once said, “The best place to hide a dead body is...
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