Would you click on the title of this post?

It probably depends.

The important part of any marketing is to have a call to action or CTA. 

We are bombarded by messages all the time and if you don’t tell your readers or fans or prospects what to do next, they may just move on. 

A CTA tries to get an immediate response from your audience. 

BusinessDictionary went so far as to say, “retail advertisement or commercial without a call-to-action is considered incomplete and ineffective.”

According to LoginRadius, having powerful CTA’s will capture your viewers’ attention and increase your interaction between your website, ad, blog, and other communication media and your audience. 

Looking to increase your email list?

A CTA can help with that. 

CTA’s are important because they encourage the audience to connect with you directly. 

The Call to Action is an important way to direct people to you and letting them know that you want to connect with them as well. 

Some people struggle with figuring out what their CTA should be. Of course, you want ones that work well. 

The top performer for clicks?

Learn More. 

Makes sense that you see it often, doesn’t it?

Want to get creative? Here is a list of some calls to action that you could put into use depending on what you need: 

  • Learn More
  • Start Here
  • Evernote’s “Remember Everything”
  • Create Your Account
  •  Save Your Seat 
  • Join Free for a Month
  •  Call us now
  • Visit our Website
  • Grab Yours Now ->
  • Click Here

You may notice that the majority start with a verb. Encourage Action with your CTA and give your readers an action to take. 

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