7 Profitable Reasons to Get Started With Email Marketing Right Now

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Have you added email marketing to your overall marketing strategy for your company yet?

The ROI of email marketing is huge — you’ll get a return of $42 for every $1 you spend. This strategy continues to deliver massive results for companies as a way to reach their customers and increase their sales.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to integrate an email marketing strategy into your company’s activities, don’t worry. This guide will go over our top seven profitable reasons why you need to get started with email marketing in your organization.

1. Emails Deliver Better Results Than Other Marketing Channels

Email marketing is a great way to organically distribute content to your email list subscribers.

It has a high conversion rate, with around 66% of purchases being made as a response to promotional messages sent via email. It’s also more effective than social media for acquiring new customers.

Your click-through rate, or CTR, will likely increase from sending out emails than simply posting things on your social media channels. Depending on your email marketing software, you can use their data analytics to track the performance of your campaign. Make tweaks to improve your emails and increase your CTR.

2. Build Relationships With Your Customers

Your customers want to know what’s going on with your business. That’s why you should keep them up to date with anything new happening within your company, be it a new product launch or sale.

Sending out an email is the fastest and easiest way to reach out to the most amount of customers possible. Collect their emails through opt-in on your website so you can fill your database with people who are eager to hear more things about your company.

With the emails you send out to increase customer retention, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Share tricks and tips
  • Illustrate how your product or service solves their problem
  • Include videos, GIFs, infographics, and other visually appealing items in your emails
  • Keep your subject lines short and to the point

If you continually deliver quality content to your customers that’s valuable to them, they’ll be more apt to purchase from your company.

3. Increase Your Brand Awareness

Use the emails you send out to your database as a way to inform your customers about your business and brand. Discuss these items in emails to your database:

  • Your mission
  • Your products and services
  • Your company’s values

Your readers will get a better understanding of what your business is about. As their awareness of your brand grows, they’ll be able to recommend you to others since they understand you better.

With all the emails you send out, keep the branding consistent. It’ll increase recognition of your logo and attract new customers. Your messaging should also be unique and memorable.

4. Improve the Traffic to Your Website

Email marketing is all about business growth. Even the most loyal of customers don’t go to your website every day. It doesn’t mean that they’re not interested in your business — they just have other things to do throughout the day.

The emails you send out are a great way to remind your customers about your brand and show them your content. You can send out blurbs about new blog posts on your site, encouraging them to click through to read the rest of the content.

As your readers click through to product pages, blog posts, or other pages on your website, you’ll improve your website’s traffic. Your customers will learn about something you’re doing that they weren’t aware of yet. You’ll reap the benefits of increased traffic and sales.

5. Low Cost to Your Company

Email marketing can cost as little as $10 a month, depending on which email distribution software you go with. Overall, email marketing has a flexible price tag that is dependent upon your own needs and how many people are in your database.

Email marketing is also low risk when compared to other strategies, such as an ad campaign. However, with the high ROI that email marketing has, investing a bit more money and partnering with a qualified marketing agency can help increase your results and profit.

6. Easy Way to Measure Your Results

Data analytics are one key feature of email marketing that helps you track your campaign’s performance. Some of the metrics you can track include:

  • Open Rates: How many people opened your email
  • CTR: Which links in your email were clicked and how many times
  • Unsubscribe Rates: How many people unsubscribed from your database after receiving the email
  • Bounce Rates: Which emails are inactive or invalid accounts and didn’t successfully receive the email

With your email distribution software, you can track all of these metrics within the platform. As you experiment with sending out emails on different days and at various times, you can see how that affects the various metrics. Use that information to change your strategy and improve your results.

7. Email Marketing Will Last Forever

People have been receiving emails for decades. Various social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, are relatively new in comparison. In 10 years, how relevant will they still be for targeting customers?

You don’t want to spend a large amount of your budget building up your audience on a single platform, only for it to become irrelevant a few years later.

Email marketing is more stable. The tools and software used continue to evolve, enabling you to connect with your customers in a way that appeals to them. You’ll be able to keep your email database intact, ensuring you reach new and current customers as you develop your email campaigns.

Connect With a Qualified Email Marketing Agency

Figuring out the ins and outs of email marketing and how it fits into your overall strategy can be a lot to digest.

You have a lot going on with your business. Let us take over the marketing while you focus on what you do best.

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