5 Proven ways TikTok is the new Direct Marketing Domination!!!!

by Allison Robilliard

As the social media app Tik Tok is blowing up, we can all agree that it is a great platform to promote your business and products. We have seen many products advertised on Tik Tok get sold off sleeves of every store the product is sold in within hours of a viral Tik Tok being posted.

Tik Tok is the new best way to promote your business and products!!!

Here’s why:

  1. Sales promotions: Reach your target audience within 24 hours of a post being uploaded to the app.
  • Many Tik Tok users scroll through the app for hours each day. Therefore you can reach people much faster than you would via a TV ad or an email.


  1. Millions of daily users: A huge variety of people use this app currently, making it the most effective way to reach your target audience.
  • Almost everyone I know uses this app. Tik Tok is used much more than email or TV ads are viewed.


  1. Target audience is easy to reach: Hashtags are an easy way to get your target audience. Typing a few extra words at the bottom of your post will directly reach people that are interested in the product.
  • Tik Tok is an algorithm-based app, meaning that it shows users videos based on their interests and likes. This feature allows businesses to reach their target audiences in a more accessible way than ever before.


  1. Sharing posts: Once you reach your target audience, it is very likely that they then share the product or stand with their friends on the app.
  • Many Tik Tok users enjoy sharing videos that they find funny or engaging with their friends. This makes reaching your target audience much easier than it once again. Once you reach a few people within the app, you will likely get double that number because of sharing.


  1. Friendly to all ages (One size fits all): You can reach all audiences. People of all ages and gender use Tik Tok making it an easy way to promote any product.
  • Tik Tok is used by everyone! This makes it easy to promote any type of product. Whether you encourage a development for a male, female, adult, or child, you can reach everyone via this app.


If companies use Tik Tok correctly to promote their products, they can go miles. Tik Tok lists products and success stories of companies that have already had great success https://www.tiktok.com/business/en-US/inspiration

Will your company get involved in Tik Tok marketing?