3 ways that copywriting can help a business

by Colin Panoff

Copywriting is where individuals or a team create text for advertisements and other forms of marketing. The goal of this text is different for each business, however, they all share similar goals of increasing brand awareness, informing new and existing customers about the product or service, and helping persuade customers to take a certain action. This action could be anything from buying the product or service or just visiting a website to learn more. It is up to each business to think about what would work best for their target audience and shape their copywriting in a way that best suits that audience.

#1 – Copywriting helps customers take action and interact with a business.When copywriting is done effectively, whoever comes across the advertisement should feel the urge to take action in some way, shape, or form. This action can be many different things. It can be something as big as getting someone to invest in the business, or it could encourage someone to buy the full product or service. This call to action could also be as simple as clicking a link to
visit the store or another website where people can learn more. 
#2 – It increases brand awarenessAlthough most copywriting advertisements are viewed as short and sweet, they play a crucial role in making consumers aware. It is not just awareness about the product or service; it is awareness of the brand as a whole. Copywriting can create messages that help consumers learn and make positive connections to the brand and business.
#3 – Copywriting helps inform the public In addition to spreading awareness about the brand, copywriting can also help inform consumers about the product or service itself. Companies can do this in many ways. Copywriting can highlight an existing feature, it can list the specifications, can promote a new feature, can show customizable options, can inform the audience why it is better than the competition, etc. It is up to the company and the head of copywriting to discuss what would work best for the business. They decide what is to be displayed in the advertisement, and how it should be said.
It is important to note that copywriting advertisements cannot and should not try to fit all of this into just one advertisement. When ads are overfilled with informational text and pictures it is overwhelming. Most people will not take the time to read and watch them. What makes copywriting effective is when they are easy to understand, and companies are able to find the balance of informational text and pictures to where consumers are intrigued and want to learn more.