November 18, 2022

Target Marketing for Dummies

by Morgan Smith There are many people these days that want to start their own business, but while they think that money is the most important part of a business, in truth, it is marketing that holds that title. Marketing after all is the way that a product is what gives possible customers an idea...
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What is Branding for Solopreneur Hairstylists?

by Jaidan Hornbuckle Have you had your cosmetology license for years and haven’t known where to start? Or are you fresh out of beauty school and unsure how to build your clientele? If you are ready to start building your personal brand as a solopreneur hairstylist, look no further! The brand is an essential part...
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Hitting a Bullseye on your Target Market

by Benjamin Alasina The most crucial part of success in a small business is understanding your target market. Even the largest companies in the world cannot cater to everyone effectively. To remedy this and be more efficient and effective, they choose target markets. A specific target market can help a business narrow its marketing adventures...
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The Art of Email Marketing

by Luke Chapman In the year 1971, long-distance communication was made much easier with the advent of electronic mail. Email, as we call it, is currently a popular form of interaction with others through an electronic device. Nowadays, email is mainly used for business, education, and today’s subject: promotion. Email is a brilliant way for...
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The Anatomy of an Email

by Danielle Castillo Email marketing can effectively reach your target market; however, it is essential to remember that this is a very competitive marketing strategy. You are fighting for the attention of your reader. Before you start, you should know at least two things. 1. What is the purpose of the email? And 2. Who...
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The Basics of Marketing

By Robert Bobroczkyi Marketing is arguably just as important as coming up with a good idea. Without any market exposure, most products and services will fail to be successful. Consumers need to not only be introduced to whatever you are offering them, but they also need to feel intrigued by and connected to said thing....
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Importance of Executing Target Market Segmentation for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

by Cameron Tupper The biggest issue small businesses and nonprofits can face when attempting to market their products and services is having a genuine and specific idea of who they are seeking to reach and attract in their marketing efforts. Figuring this out can come across as a daunting task when you take into consideration...
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3 ways that copywriting can help a business

by Colin Panoff Copywriting is where individuals or a team create text for advertisements and other forms of marketing. The goal of this text is different for each business, however, they all share similar goals of increasing brand awareness, informing new and existing customers about the product or service, and helping persuade customers to take...
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