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Product Review: ClickBid, Online Auction Tool

We work with a lot of non-profits at H2H Consulting and one of the biggest trends we had in 2020 was online auctions. We reviewed a ton of auction sites and there are so many that have a lot of great features. For most of our clients, it is a balance of price and features, […]

Get Engagement from Your Emails

Marketing is all about results. What results are you going for? There are a ton of different goals you can set, but usually, a sale, a donation, or some sort of action is what you want to happen from all of your hard work, time, and or money investment. Email marketing is one of my […]

Product Review: Dropbox

Let me tell you a sad story about a girl who used a thumb/flash/USB drive to manage her files as she went from client to client and meeting to meeting. She would work from different client offices and would take her wonderful Microsoft Surface Book with her for easy transport and had her big ‘boat […]