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Why Do You Need a Custom 404 Page on Your Website?

Ever click on a link, only to find it leads to a digital dead end? It doesn’t look pretty, it doesn’t look professional, and it doesn’t have anything of any use to a website visitor. Enter the custom 404 page – the landing page for when things go wrong. Keep reading to learn more about […]

Five Fun Ways to Promote Your Business During Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us and it’s time to give your customers ‘pumpkin’ to talk about this year. The average spend per buyer at Halloween keeps on increasing. In the US, it sits at a whopping $92.12 per person. From bags of candy to decorations, everyone loves to celebrate in style. This article offers five fun Halloween promotions […]

What You Need to Know About Apple’s Privacy Update

Apple Data Privacy: Improvements to ATT Apple has long made user privacy part of its brand ethic. In the past year, the company has touted App Tracking Transparency (ATT) as a symbol for this ethos. Apple first launched ATT with iOS 14.5. This program requires apps to explicitly ask each user’s permission to track them. […]