According to Statista, an average of 330 million people is actively using Twitter each month.

Are you?

“Twitter isn’t a social network, it’s an information network,”— Evan Williams.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Twitter is more than just an opportunity to socialize with others. It’s a way for your business to share information with your clients and audience in 280 words or less.

If you don’t always know what to say, that’s okay.

Instead of focusing on what you should say all the time, give your clients an opportunity to share their thoughts with you.

You can do this by hosting a Twitter chat.

A Twitter chat is a public conversation or discussion about a specific hashtag. For example, Adweek, a trade publication, has created its own Twitter Chat: #AdweekChat.

When you look up this hashtag on Twitter, you will see a public discussion where multiple people are having a conversation about whatever question Adweek asks for that day.

Adweek asks a question and then puts their hashtag at the very end of the post. Their followers are then asked to include the hashtag in their comment on the post.

This is how a Twitter Chat is created.

When multiple people begin commenting on your tweet with your chosen hashtag, a thread will develop. This thread will show all the comments you have received for your Twitter Chat.

Important Tips

Be creative with your hashtag.

It’s very important to create a hashtag that is simple for people to use and unique enough to be separated from other threads.

You don’t want to use a hashtag that everyone else is using because your thread might get lost in other people’s discussions.

Focus on a hashtag that fits with your company and your brand.

Remember, this will be the hashtag that you will use for most of your chats.

Don’t forget to label your chats and the answers in order (Ex: Q1, Q2, A1, and A2 etc).

Pay attention to when your clients are online. This is crucial because you will need people to be online, so they can participate in your discussion.

If you feel like you’re losing engagement with your clients and followers, Twitter chats are a great way to get them engaged with your company.

If you still feel that none of your social media efforts are increasing your engagement with your clients, feel free to contact us or check out our blog on when it’s time to hire a marketing agency to help you with your social media.