Social media has quickly become a major channel to target, connect, and speak directly to your target audience. The medium of social media will continue to grow in importance and influence, especially as new social media platforms and apps are created. To grasp the scope of the incredible growth social media is undergoing check out this video below provided by Socinova.

5 Surprising Social Media Facts You Need to Know

Did you catch that statistic on how much marketers were projected to spend on social media advertising in 2015? Marketers were projected to spend $8.3 billion in 2015. That’s right… $8.3 billion on social media advertising!

With so much money and effort put into social media advertising it is important for companies to make sure they are utilizing these platforms correctly. H2H has taken the time to share the top mistakes made in social media.

Top 5 Mistakes made in Social Media

  • Robotic Communication– There is a reason it is called “social” media. The communication is meant to be a two-way street. Your postings on social media should strive to get your audience engaged and prompt them to respond. The responses from your followers can be rich in valuable information. Information that contains their valid thoughts, feelings, and wants concerning your product(s), your brand, or the content you are posting. To accurately measure your success on social media it is important to not only be concerned with “likes” or “follows” but to measure the level of social engagement as well.


  • Greedy Content– Another mistake is making content only sales driven on social media. The purpose of content is to begin a relationship with your audience. Often, content, news, or media shared can become tokens used to initiate or maintain a conversation. The original meaning of the content is less important than their functions as tokens or gateways to communication.


  • Long-winded Messages– Social media cannot be treated like any other traditional channel. Messages and posts need to be short, direct, and easily understood. For example, when a consumer is scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed they often only have seconds to interpret and read each post they come across. That’s why you need to make your posts precise, short, and directly to the point. Also, try using more photos and videos in your postings as well. It’s important to remember you often have a limited amount of words or characters you can use for posts on social media. Tweets on Twitter normally contain only 140 characters at most.


  • Frequency Issues– What is frequency in relation to social media? Frequency is the number of times an individual is exposed to an advertising message by a media vehicle. Frequency then raises the concern of whether or not you are over-posting or under-posting? This is not an easy question because it can vary depending on the type of industry, the kind of social media platform, and the amount of followers you already have. Try testing the correct frequency for your business by experimenting and recording the results.


  • Controlling Input– Social media being a two-way street can be a double edged sword. Sometimes your audience will have very positive things to say. Other times they may be upset, concerned, or even hurt concerning something you did or they feel you failed to do. However, we encourage companies by all means possible to avoid controlling input on their social media channels. Some exceptions do exist in the case that a follower is responding with comments that are violent, vulgar, or threatening towards others. Your social media channels should be an open forum of user generated content and feedback. When negativity and criticism show up on your social media channel it should be openly addressed in a sincere manner offering answers, solutions, and apologies when needed.


We hope sharing these key mistakes made in social media help give you insight on how to improve your social media. For more help and expertise in creating a social media campaign that is both engaging, highly targeted, and that generates measurable ROI contact H2H today. Discover how we can help you get to the next level with your social media campaign.