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Email marketing is still one of the most successful marketing tactics out there.Just think about all the emails you get in your inbox.I know. It gives you a headache.Sorry!However, there is at least one email that you like getting.Isn’t there?If you don’t like any emails or coupons you get, you ...
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Did you know that the layout of your email signature affects how much people will pay attention to it?Source: Sigstr 2017 State of Email Signature Marketing ReportSigstr, an email signature marketing company, reported that people pay more attention to horizontal email signatures than vertical signat ...
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Do you have a welcome email set up for your company? If not, it is not too late to create one.According to a survey conducted by MarketingSherpa, 50% of the emails organizations sent were welcome emails. The second highest percentage of emails sent were thank you notes or letters.Welcome emails are ...
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