While the Falcons-Patriots faceoff or the halftime show might be the most important part of Super Bowl Sunday for some people, we at H2H Consulting were focusing on the commercials in between the game.

With companies shelling out millions of dollars to be featured during this time frame, means that the ads are at the top of their game.

So let’s take a look at what we consider some of best Super Bowl 51 ads, and why they made our Top 6 List.

  • NFL’s ‘Inside These Lines’: The two-sided nature of this ad is what appeals to us. The videos show parts of football games, which is really what we’re here to watch, while the dialogue reminds us that we may be different, but we are all American.
  • National Geographic’s ‘Genius’: Not only is this ad relevant since Lady Gaga played the Halftime Show, but also it showed a true Genius (look-a-like), which is the name of NatGeo’s new TV show.
  • Clean’s ‘Cleaner of Your Dreams’: The reason this ad made our list isn’t because its content or celebrities, but because it is memorable. Ask people what ad they remember, and it’s likely to be the one where Mr. Clean gets a little action.
  • Budweiser’s ‘Born the Hard Way’: This ad shows the American Dream in its purest form; an immigrant coming to America and enduring hardships, only to create one of the most loved beer companies in the country. When you think of Budweiser, you think of America.
  • Skittle’s ‘Romance’: With Valentine’s Day approaching, people all around are thinking of romance. Skittles is trying to get people to think of their product instead of choosing chocolate this February. And the ridiculous cast of characters, including a burglar, cop, and groundhog adds humor and is a nice break from some of the more serious ads.
  • Airbnb’s ‘We Accept’: We couldn’t write this list without including this ad. It’s touching and the meaning behind it is vital in today’s environment. This was truly an exceptional and memorable ad.

While these ads resonated with the team here at H2H Consulting they may not have resonated with you and that’s okay. Think about who the target audience is for each ad and if you aren’t in that target, it wasn’t meant for you.

When you are creating an advertisement for your company or product, it must stay true to your brand and who you are. The more it conveys your brand’s spirit, the more it will resonate with your target audience. While we enjoyed the ads above, the true test is whether or not they achieve the goals the companies created them for.

If you’re looking to make your own advertisements more memorable, you can contact Kendra Corman at kacorman@h2hconsulting.net for help.