Did you know that the layout of your email signature affects how much people will pay attention to it?

Source: Sigstr 2017 State of Email Signature Marketing Report

Sigstr, an email signature marketing company, reported that people pay more attention to horizontal email signatures than vertical signatures.

Sigstr also revealed that readers tend to focus on email signatures with call-to-action buttons because they grab their attention.

According to Sigstr’s report, only 27% of email signatures had call-to-action buttons.

What colors are you using in your email signature?

Color choices can also affect how much or little attention your signature will receive.

Blue ranked the highest at 42% as the most popular color used in email signatures, but purple drew a higher engagement rate out of all colors according to Sigstr’s report.

Source: Sigstr 2017 State of Email Signature Marketing Report

For call-to-action colors, black ranked as the most effective color choice according to Sigstr.

Let’s consider another interesting fact.

There are 210 billion emails sent per day according to Statistic Brain.

Can you imagine how many of those emails probably don’t contain effective email signatures?

Our guess is at least half of them.

If you already have an email signature, you’re ahead of the game. If you don’t have an email signature, create one.

But before you do anything, make sure you follow these email signature tips:

  • Change your email signature layout— Use horizontal and not vertical
  • Add a call-to-action button— We can’t stress this enough. The whole purpose of you sending an email is to get someone to respond to you. Give them a way and reason to do so (Ex. Contact Us, Visit Our Website, etc.)
  • Don’t include your email— This might sound strange but adding your email within your email is redundant. When someone opens your email, they will already have access to this information.
  • Don’t include “Sent from my iPhone”— This is not something you need to include when you’re sending emails.
  • Add your social media links— Add your social media links at the bottom of your signature, but don’t add too many links.
  • Keep your signature slim— Try to stay between a size of 600 and 650 pixels.
  • Don’t use bullet points— We know this sounds hypocritical because we’re using bullet points right now. However, bullet points look unprofessional in an email signature and they’re unnecessary.
  • Keep your signature short— Your signature should not look like a biography that tells your whole life story. You only need to include your major info: your name, company, and a way to reach to you.
  • Avoid listing all your contact info— Only focus on the best way to reach you

    Source: Sigstr 2017 State of Email Signature Marketing Report

  • Keep a good balance between text, images, font, and color— According to Sigstr, photography performed the best in terms of having visual elements. However, you don’t want to have too much of one thing in your  signature. Too many different colors, images, and fonts can be distracting.
  • Include alt text for your images— This helps people understand what your images show
  • Don’t break the law—Make sure you have read and understand the rules and laws pertaining to email signatures
  • Make your signature mobile-friendly— A lot of people use their phones for email. Don’t forget to make your signature easy for them to view as well.


If you’re still unsure whether your email signature is effective and developed correctly, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.