Recently, Marketing Profs put out an infographic with some tips for St. Patrick’s Day themed email campaigns. This has inspired us to post our own tips for St. Patrick’s Day. (We won’t be offended if you check out their post as well. We do have different tips after all.)

Update Your Hours

Because St. Patrick’s Day, at least in 2018, falls on a Saturday, it’s important to modify your hours of operation. Let your customers know when you will be in the office, and when you will be out of the office.

Use our website to check how your company is listed on sites like Facebook, Yelp, or MapQuest, and to double check that your information is accurate and up to date.

Decorate Your Store

Many people go into stores because they look open and because they have attractive storefronts! You don’t need to go crazy with the decorations but checking out the Target dollar section can help you attract potential customers. Hanging shamrocks from the ceiling or adding a rainbow and pot of gold decal to your window is a fun and festive way to celebrate.

Create Deals

Use a special St. Patrick’s Day promotion code (ex. getlucky or leprechaun) to increase sales on specific items, give a discount on an event you’re hosting, or a coupon to a St. Patrick’s themed drink or food your restaurant is serving. And those are just some suggestions; the possibilities are endless.

Post About Sales

This is the perfect time to use your social media or to go old-fashioned and post flyers around town and advertise your sales. You want to let people know about your business and special promotions or deals… and they won’t know unless you let them know.

Send Out an Email

Constant Contact has released four new templates for St. Patrick’s Day. If you use Constant Contact, be sure to check them out! This one is for sure our favorite.

But if you don’t have a marketing system, you’re not out of luck. We recommend sending out an email with the information already listed above and adding some fun themed images.


We wish you “good luck” with your marketing and advertising and a very happy holiday!