What does it take to create an email campaign that is both effective at reaching and engaging your audience? You can boost the success of your email campaigns by using email segmentation.

What’s Marketing Segmentation?

Segmentation, in marketing terminology, is a way of dividing a market of potential customers into groups, or “segments”, based on different discernable characteristics. These characteristics could be based on demographics, interests, needs, or physical locations.

Segmentation for emails involves breaking down email campaigns to target specific groupings of subscribers. Your email contacts could be segmented on a basis of merge fields (customer type, ZIP code, or job title), interests groups, or by subscriber activity.

Why Email Segmentation?  Because the Results Speak!

The greatest strength of segmentation is you increase the likelihood you are sending relevant content to subscribers that they will appreciate and be interested in.

Recently, MarketingProfs shared a study to prove the effectiveness of email segmentation. MailChimp scanned their system for users who use their list segmentation tools. They roughly sampled 2,000 MailChimp users who sent about 11,000 segmented email campaigns to almost 9 million recipients. Then they compared the results of the segmented campaigns against the non-segmented campaigns. The results were strongly in favor of segmentation:

Global Results from MailChimp Segmentation Study

  • Opens: 31% higher than non-segmented campaigns
  • Unique Opens: 64% higher than non-segmented campaigns
  • Clicks: 95% higher than non-segmented campaigns
  • Bounces: 65% lower than non-segmented campaigns
  • Abuse Reports: 90% lower than non-segmented campaigns
  • Unsubs: 37% lower than non-segmented campaigns


It’s clear that segmenting email campaigns and marketing lists has a positive impact on the overall engagement levels from followers. Furthermore, using email segmentation can help open and click rates rise and keep abuse and unsubscribe rates down.

If you want to create an email marketing campaign that is both effective and engaging contact Kendra Corman at kcorman@h2hconsulting.net. H2H Consulting can take your email marketing to the next level with email segmentation.