As 2017 approaches, it’s time to sit down and review your goals from 2016 and to create new ones for 2017. According to Psych Central, part of reason people like to make new goals at the New Year is because people are “excited and energized” to make changes in their life. Now that we know a little more about why people make resolutions and goals, let’s talk about how they affect your business.


For those of you who didn’t achieve all your business goals for 2016, it’s time to ask yourself why. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Did you set the right goals?
  • Did you devote enough time to the task?
  • Did you have enough money set aside to accomplish this task?
  • Were there enough people working on the task? Too many?
  • Was the person doing the job the right person for the job?
  • Were the guidelines, limitations, and expectations clearly communicated between all parties involved?


Now that we’ve answered why you didn’t accomplish them in 2016, we can discuss how you can accomplish them in 2017. Consider carrying over these unfinished goals into 2017, if they are still important to your business. An example for this would be a monthly newsletter. It’s easy to delegate this task and set a deadline for when it should be finalized and when it should be sent out. And the New Year is a perfect time to start a project that is released every month.


So what kind of goals should you be setting? While each business is unique, there are some goals that can help almost any business with their marketing outreach. This isn’t an all-inclusive list for 2017, but it’s a good place to start:

  • Improving your online presence: whether that’s tweeting on a more regular basis or creating/updating a website, being active online is a big part of being a businessperson nowadays.
  • Not doing everything alone: No one can do everything by themselves, and learning to say no will help you balance your workload. This doesn’t mean saying no to every opportunity; there are definitely some you should take! You can also delegate to other people. Some things will have more time and energy spent on them if a less busy employee does them instead.
  • Keeping relationships with former clients: Letting past business know you value them should make them want to continue the relationship by using you in the future and referring you to their friends and family who are in need of your services.


Now that you’ve though of your goals, how do you go about keeping them? Well Action for Happiness suggests writing them down, telling someone else, planning how you’re going to get the task done, and celebrating when you’re done. Here is why we think these are good methods:

  • Writing them down: Having each task written down is more likely to hold you accountable for completing it. Plus it’s a great feeling to physically cross something off of your to-do list.
  • Telling someone else: Similar to writing it down, having another person know your goal will help keep you on track to finish it. They are also available to help brainstorm solutions if you’re stuck in a rough patch.
  • Planning the steps: Even if you don’t plan every step immediately, you should always figure out the first step to accomplishing your goal. Starting if usually the hardest part, so if you can get started, it’ll usually be easier to really get going when you need to.
  • Celebrating when you’re finished: You did the work, so it’s time to reward yourself! You can also use your celebration as an incentive to finish, if need be.


We’re sure that by going through this process, you’re sure to have a successful 2017. Looking for some help or someone to share it with? You can reach out to our client support team at or Kendra Corman at