140 characters really isn’t that many. If I were to stop this blog post once I hit that magic number I would have to stop writing right now.

For those of you that use Twitter, either for your business or for yourself, you know how quickly you use up those 140 characters. Luckily, there are some changes coming to Twitter that extend that character limit a little bit more. According to Twitter, any media you attach (such as a GIF, photo, or video) will not take up any characters. Also any polls you include your tweet will not take up your characters, (however the options will still have a character limit).

Twitter has also recently added the option to retweet yourself, but now it’s allowing you to quote-tweet yourself. That means you can add a new comment to a tweet you’ve already written. They’re also making sure that the retweet and the quote tweet don’t take up any additional characters.

The last change that affects the number of characters is when you mention people. To respond to someone, you either quote-tweet them or reply using @username. So even if the person has a username that is 15 characters (the limit for usernames), it won’t affect the number of characters you have left.

Think this doesn’t apply to you as a businessperson? Here’s why it does:

  • Twitter is a great way for you to connect with people.
  • Even if you don’t have a twitter account, knowing these changes could help your clients or your friends and could be a great conversation topic at a networking event.
  • Since pictures and other media no longer take up characters, you’re able to write more about it while still attaching media to explain what you’re talking about.
  • Being able to retweet and quote-tweet yourself is a good way to remind your followers about deals, events, or websites that you think they should see again.
  • Because using someone’s username doesn’t take up space, you’re also able to communicate more with him or her in a single tweet. And since that is one of the most important aspects of Twitter, it really benefits everyone.

Twitter has not unveiled these new aspects yet, but they should be available in the next few months. For more information on these changes, check out their release and check back in with us as we’ll be updating on that as well.