Meetings are expensive. If you calculate the salaries of all the people in the meeting and cost it out, each meeting is more expensive than you thought.  A few years ago, I saw this TIM clock or Time is Money Clock. It isn’t in production anymore, but you can view it here on Amazon. The idea beh ...
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People and companies are starting to realize that social media isn’t “free.” There is a lot of time and effort involved and the opportunity costs can add up. So the next question is when is the best time to post to the different social media sites so you can get the biggest bang for your effor ...
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Kendra Corman is the Managing Director of H2H Consulting. She started the company in April of 2014. Her goal when she created H2H was to create strategic marketing plans that return on their investment for small to medium sized companies. She believes in integrated marketing communications, which i ...
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