I meet with business owners and business development mangers on a regular basis to discuss their marketing strategy. First, a lot of businesses don’t have a marketing strategy and that is always going to be where you want to start. If you don’t have a marketing strategy and want to discuss more of what we can assist you with, then give us a call at 248-923-1424 or fill out our contact form on our website.

Even with a strategy, I find that many business owners struggle to market their business because they get overwhelmed with how much there is to do. You don’t need to do everything all at once and you should definitely prioritize your efforts. But if you need assistance to get kick-started and are anything like me, a checklist always helps. So here are 8 things you can do this week to market your business in less than 45 minutes in a Slide Share (note: if you don’t want to view the SlideShare presentation, the list is below with some additional information and links.)

  1. Comment on someone else’s blog post.
  2. Call to thank a client or customer and ask their opinion on how you might improve your service or product.
  3. Tweet a factoid. Keep in mind that it helps if you Tweet a fact that is relevant to your audience.
  4. Write a short blog post (300 words)
  5. Post a question on your company’s Facebook page.
  6. Jot down one idea for a blog post you can write later.
  7. Answer a question on LinkedIn. There are many groups that ask questions in their posts. Respond back or ask your own question.
  8. Share a helpful link on all your company’s social sites. I recommend using HootSuite to make it easier.

Hopefully these items will get you started marketing your business this week.

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