At H2H Consulting, we believe in the power of email marketing.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Constant Contact; to help enhance our clients’ email marketing and social media efforts for March 2019.

Content can be challenging to develop, so Constant Contact has provided their partners with an infographic all about different topics you can use to spark your next email or social media campaign. And we’re sharing their infographic with you.

March 2019 has holidays such as International Women’s Day, the start of Lent, St. Patrick’s Day, International Day of Happiness, Mardi Gras, and Employee Appreciation Day.

Themes for this month include the beginning of Spring, National Women’s History Month, and National Nutrition Month.

If you’re still struggling to develop content (we don’t judge, it’s happened to us! ) our H2H Consulting team has also thought of some content ideas for you to try out:

  • On International Women’s Day, which falls every year on March 8th, you can share success stories of women in your industry. Whether it’s one email or a social post each hour, it’s certainly a great way to celebrate the accomplishments that women have made so far.
  • Decorate your store for St. Patrick’s Day! There are plenty of ways to decorate; hang shamrocks from the ceiling, add a rainbow and pot of gold decal to your window, or have your employees wear green on the day of (if you’re open) or on the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day.
  • Depending on your industry, you can post tips on how to have a successful Spring. Some examples include home Spring cleaning tips for an interior designer, how to have a successful second quarter for business professionals, and sharing gardening tips for florists.
  • March is National Nutrition Month, so if you’re in a health-related field, make sure that you’re sharing nutritional tips throughout the month.

Between Constant Contact’s ideas and ours, we are sure you can find something to share with your audience through your next email marketing campaign or social media post in March 2019.