In our last blog post, we talked about Facebook Advertising (and if you haven’t read that post just click here). Today we’re going to talk specifically about the Facebook Advertising “Like Campaign”.

The objective of a Like Campaign is to get people not connected with your business, but part of your target audience, to like your business’ Facebook page. (Once you get them to like your page, you’re able to do all the other all the other fun marketing and advertising tips from the last post). But actually getting that like can be a lot harder than it seems, which is why we’re here to give you a guide to starting your own Like Campaigns.

The first thing to do is advertise your business’ page on your personal page. I’ve found that unless you remind people of what you do, they’ll simply forget. A good reminder every now and then, with a click through link to your business’ page will get a few extra likes from your Facebook friends. If you’ve got other social media profiles (such as LinkedIn or Twitter) you should post about and link to your business Facebook page there as well.

Another way to get Facebook likes for your page is to create an ad, like in the previous post. However, this time you’ll market it to people who don’t already like your page. You can even customize the ad so that there’s a “Like Page” button built in.

facebook like

One of the most popular ways to get likes is by doing a promotion or giveaway. It’s run like an ad, and you can let people know that by liking your page they’ll be entered to win a prize. It could be a free photo session, a new iPad, or anything that you think will get people interested. Create a new tab dedicated to your like campaign, and make sure that only followers can see this page and view information about the giveaway.

If you send out email newsletters (subscribe to ours here) or have a blog and website, you can add a button or link to your Facebook page there too. Remember that just because people know your business doesn’t mean they’ve liked it on Facebook. They might not have known you had a Facebook page or were unable to find it and this is a good way to get people who like you in real life to like you online.

These are just a few of the ways to get more likes for your Facebook page. If you have any questions or want help creating your own Like Campaign, reach out to us.