Why did you watch Super Bowl Sunday?

Was it because you were cheering for the Patriots (again)?

Or were you hoping that the Rams, who are now back in Los Angeles, would take the title?

Maybe you didn’t care about the football game and just wanted to watch Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.

Or… you’re like us at H2H Consulting and you watched Super Bowl 53 for the ads.

Prices continue to soar for commercial air time during the Super Bowl. According to CNBC, CBS, this year’s host, charged $175,000 per second. That means a 30-second ad cost a whopping $5.25 million.

With companies shelling out that much money, you’ll see them go all out (and sometimes too far) with the time that they have bought.

Let’s take a look at what we consider best ads of Super Bowl 53, and why they made our Top Five List.

  • NFL’s ‘The 100-Year Game:’ This ad commemorated the National Football League’s (NFL) 100th year. It was full of former and current NFL athletes, including big names like Terry Bradshaw, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Rob Gronkowski, Franco Harris, Marshawn Lynch, Patrick Mahomes, Eli and Payton Manning, Joe Montana, and Barry Sanders as well as prominent NFL announcers, officials, reporters, and the current commissioner. This ad truly captured the energy of the Super Bowl and reminded viewers what the evening was all about.
  • Microsoft’s ‘We All Win:’ Following their holiday ad “Reindeer Games,” Microsoft revisited the story of Owen, the nine year old video-gamer with a genetic disorder. In the original ad they showed Owen playing with his able-bodied friends; in this ad, Microsoft showcased their adaptive controller and other kids with genetic disorders. Watching Owen and his friends play was emotional, but the real tear-jerker moment of this ad came from Owen’s dad. “He’s not different when he plays.”
  • Amazon’s ‘Not Everything Makes the Cut:’ In this Amazon ad, two employees discuss the various rejected Amazon Alexa upgraded voice-assistant products, which included a toothbrush, a dog collar (that speaks dog), and a hot tub. They also mentioned “the incident” where Alexa accidentally turned off all of Earth’s power. In today’s world, with Alexa as prominent as “she” is, it was hilarious to see the company poke fun at itself. This humorous ad, which featured confused actors, made us laugh and that’s what made it memorable.
  • Stella Artois’ ‘Change Up The Usual:’ Stella’s Super Bowl ad targets anyone looking to change up their routine, but especially appeals those who watched TV in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City and Jeff Bridges of The Big Lebowski, the catering staff of a restaurant get ready for the stars by preparing their usual drink orders (which consists of a Cosmopolitan for Parker and a White Russian for Bridges). Both stars surprise the staff when they turn down their signature drinks and instead opt for a Stella Artois. The stars carried this ad, but we think they made the message clear.
  • Hyundai’s ‘The Elevator:’ A spoof of Dante’s Inferno and its nine circles of hell, this ad finishes off our list. Instead of a ferry taking unfortunate souls through hell, these passengers ride on an elevator and face various modern-day versions of torture, including a root canal, jury duty, airplane middle seats, “the talk,” vegan dinner parties, and finally car shopping. Luckily, our two main characters have Hyundai’s Shopper’s Assurance, so they get to escape eternal damnation and go, essentially, to a car buyer’s heaven. This was one of the more relatable ads of the night, as we can’t seem to find one person who would enjoy a root canal or jury duty. Because of that relatability, Hyundai’s ad stuck out.

While these ads resonated with our team at H2H Consulting, they may not have resonated with you, and that’s okay. It’s important to remember who the target demographic is for each ad and if the ad didn’t speak to you, it probably wasn’t intended for you.

Take the Bud Light and HBO Game of Thrones ad crossover for example. While we can appreciate the ad for its drama, quick turn of events, and editing, we have not watched Game of Thrones, so therefore, we were not as wowed by it as others.

When creating an advertisement for your company or product, it must stay true to your brand and who you are. The more it conveys your brand’s spirit, the more it will resonate with your target audience. While we enjoyed the ads above, the true test is whether or not they achieved the goals that the companies created them to do.

If you’re looking to make your own advertisements more memorable, you can contact Kendra Corman at kacorman@h2hconsulting.net for help.