The 2018 holiday season has officially ended, which means it’s time to take a look at the best holiday ads of the year.

Do you know the reason that advertisements are so prevalent in November and December? It’s because

  • Everyone seems to be having some sort of sale and
  • People spend more money between Black Friday and January 1st than any other time of the year

So, let’s take a look at what the H2H Consulting team considers the best holiday ads of 2018, and why they made it into our list.

  • Google’s ‘Home Alone Again’: An excellent ad based on a classic Christmas movie! Home Alone’s Kevin McCallister (aka actor Macaulay Culkin) enjoys the house to himself and fights off would-be home invaders using Google Assistant. If you loved the movie, you’ll get a kick out of this ad. We certainly did.
  • Microsoft’s ‘Reindeer Games’: In this ad, viewers watch as neighborhood kids gather together to watch their friend Owen, who has Escobar Syndrome, as he advances in his Microsoft video game. In this ad, Microsoft gives us the emotion that we constantly feel during the holidays and inclusivity, which we feel is so important in company cultures nowadays.
  • Heathrow’s ‘The Heathrow Bears Return’: If you remember our 2016 Holidays Ads blog, the Heathrow bears also made our list then. We just can’t get over how adorable these little teddy bears are. And this ad reinforces the theme of the 2016 ad, emphasizing how family matters during the holidays.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross’ ‘The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver’: While this one definitely isn’t as cheery as the others, it does have an important message. While ICRC’s goal is to reunite separated families, your goal doesn’t have to be as big. But the gesture of giving help to another, especially around the holidays, goes a long way.
  • California Lottery’s ‘The Gift is in the Giving’: We liked this ad because it was sweet and simple, and it showed that gifts didn’t have to be extravagant or big to be enjoyed. Additionally, we found that the message in this ad was really about the gift of human connection, and not material gifts after all.

While these ads resonated with our team, they may not have resonated with you (and that’s okay). Think about who the target audience is for each ad and if you weren’t affected by it, then you probably weren’t in the ad’s demographic.

When you are creating an advertisement for your company or product, we want to emphasize that it should stay true to your brand and who you are. The more it conveys your brand’s spirit, the more it will resonate with your target audience.

If you’re looking to make your own advertisements more memorable, you can contact Kendra Corman at for help.