Kendra Corman, H2H Consulting Joins Leadership Oakland Cornerstone Program

Troy, Mich. marketing expert joins Leadership Oakland to give back to the community

Troy, MICH. – September 22, 2016 – Kendra Corman, Managing Director of H2H Consulting, has begun the Cornerstone Program through Leadership Oakland, a nonprofit organization providing professional development, networking, and leadership training programs.    

Leadership Oakland Cornerstone Program

Each year, as part of the 9-month program, 50 developing leaders delve into the issues facing the region — from education, government and the justice system to health and human services and race and ethnic diversity. In-depth, monthly sessions, led by experts in each of these arenas, focus on both the treasures and challenges facing the region. The goal of the Cornerstone Program is to take developing leaders and provide them with a rich network of colleagues, a deep understanding of the region’s challenges and the opportunity to achieve value for their own organizations, creating new levels of leadership. Through Leadership Oakland, today’s leaders will grow in their personal, professional and public leadership ability.

Kendra Corman is one of 52 selected regional leaders in the new Cornerstone class – LOXXVII. Kendra started the latest Cornerstone Program on September 11, 2016. The program is a nine-months in duration and consists of a two-day retreat and monthly educational sessions. The Cornerstone Program class of LOXXVII represents business leaders from 30 cities across the county and SE Michigan. Kendra Corman is anticipated to graduate the Cornerstone Program on June 14, 2017. (For a full list of the 52 regional leaders and details visit Leadership Oakland- Cornerstone Class LOXXVII).

“The reason I joined is to learn more about the county and give back to the community I love,” said Kendra Corman.

Kendra started H2H Consulting in April of 2014 with a vision to create strategic marketing plans that create a return on investment for small to medium sized companies. Kendra believes in integrated marketing communications with consistent brand messaging across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. Before starting H2H Consulting, Kendra was the Marketing Director at Kaufman Financial Group and previously the Global Brand Manager for Jeep at Chrysler LLC.

“As part of Leadership Oakland I get to network with an amazing group of people. These are all people interested in making Oakland county even better than it already is. Friendship and teamwork throughout the program will be a great experience.” – Kendra Corman

About H2H Consulting

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