If you use Hootsuite, then we have good news for you.

As of mid-May, Hootsuite has announced new publishing capabilities that allow users to integrate social posts through Pinterest.

This means that the site is now compatible with:

  • Facebook profiles, pages, and groups,
  • Twitter profiles,
  • Google+ profiles and pages,
  • LinkedIn profiles and companies,
  • Instagram personal and business profiles,
  • WordPress blogs,
  • YouTube channels, and
  • Pinterest profiles


In addition to managing your profile, you can also create Pin Boards, schedule posts, and post directly using the Hootsuite app or website.

Why This Matters

Pinterest is a great site to use to boost sales. According to Thrive, Pinterest is creating sales that are 3.8 times more effective than an average digital campaign and 50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a pin.

In addition, Hootsuite allows all team members to work together to manage their account. By having only one site used to schedule and post pins, your team can

  • Easily manage multiple profiles,
  • Get data analytics, and
  • Ensure all content is relevant by sending material to be approved by a moderator


Set Up Process

The first step is to connect your Pinterest account to publish on Hootsuite. Once your account is connected, you can start to post pins.

To post a pin, select compose button, which is green, and choose new pin.

Then you can choose which profile or organization you want the pin to be posted to.

After choosing a profile, you can select a board, or multiple board to post to. You can even create a new board if necessary or add the pin to a secret board.

  • To create a new board, scroll to the bottom and choose the plus sign, choose a Pinterest profile, and name the board.
  • An example of a secret pin board would be to plan for a surprise birthday party.

The next step is to add an image for your pin. It could be one from your existing Hootsuite media library or by uploading your own picture.

Then, add a link. This is in case someone clicks on the pin itself. We recommend linking back to your company’s website, although you can choose any site that you believe is relevant to the pin.

Finally, add a description. You have up to 500 characters to describe your pin. Sometimes it’s necessary to be lengthy, but make sure your first sentence draws in users and entices them to click or read more.

Hootsuite allows you to preview the pin before you schedule or post your pin. Just look on the right side of the screen to see what the pin would look like on mobile.

The final step is to either schedule or post your pin.

To schedule it, scroll to the bottom of the site to where it says publish. Click on immediately to change to a specific date. From there, choose the time and day you want the pin to be published, and then click schedule.

If you want to post immediately, ignore those steps and scroll to the bottom right and click send now.

Even if you don’t use Hootsuite, Pinterest is a growing social platform. It is never too late to join and make your mark. For help creating your Pinterest or an overall social media plan, you can reach out to us at kacorman@h2hconsulting.net.