For many, the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving and Black Friday. By starting in November, these businesses and people are missing out on another big holiday… Halloween!

Beginning over 2,000 years ago, Halloween has grown into one of the country’s favorite holidays and biggest party days. Therefore, it makes sense to include Halloween in your business’ marketing strategy both online and in stores. Try out some of our favorite ideas!

Customize your site, posts, and newsletters. Create Halloween-themed social posts that apply to your customer-base (if you sell clothing a costume contest for a discount or something similar). Change the colors on your website to black and orange or add a border of floating ghosts to your email newsletter.

Try giving out adult “trick-or-treat bags”. These could consist of promotional gifts (such as ones you’d give at Christmas), business cards, and candy. It’s a fun way to thank your current customers in a current and comical way.

Offer special promotional codes. If you plan on hosting any events or have any special deals coming up, use Halloween ones so that clients know they are close by. Consider making the discount 31% or offering deals only on Friday’s or the 13th.

Decorate your office or store. This is a festival way to get you, your employees, and your clients in the Halloween spirit. Put up cobwebs around the door and a bowl of candy for people to snack on. You never know who will walk in just based on the decorations, so don’t overlook them!

These are just some ways to differentiate your business from others. By starting your holiday season at Halloween, you’re sure to get a few good laughs and hopefully some new clients.

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