H2H Consulting has partnered with  Constant Contact in order to help enhance our clients’ email marketing efforts. We have all faced times where we struggled to develop engaging and relevant content, but luckily for us, Constant Contact has provided us with an infographic all about different topics you can use to spark your next month’s campaign idea or social media posts. February 2018 features events like Groundhog Day, Super Bowl Sunday (for any sports lovers), and Random Acts of Kindness Day. Themes for this month include Black History Month and Relationship Wellness Month (which can include clients and employees)!

There are also other content ideas you can try! Post an occasional follow Friday and link to one of your favorite sites or offer a special sale using a Valentine’s Day-themed promotional code. Between these ideas and the others listed below, we are sure you can find something to share with your audience through email or social media.

Don’t have an email marketing system? Check out Constant Contact here or contact Kendra Corman at kacorman@h2hconsulting.net to learn more about which email marketing system is right for your organization.