Since 2003, businesspeople and professionals have been turning to LinkedIn to promote themselves, their businesses, and connect with others who might be able to do the same. (Did you know that 2 people join LinkedIn every second?) Facebook, on the other hand, has been better known for being a personal social media site where one connects more with family and friends rather than business associates.

That image has slowly been changing over the past few years. While LinkedIn is still primarily the site for business professionals, Facebook is taking steps to attract business professionals as well. Statistics show that Facebook currently has over 2.06 billion monthly users compared to LinkedIn, which has only 106 million monthly users. And for the past year, a majority of those users have been coming from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers. (Remember when cell phones were for calling people?)

According to Hubspot’s 2017 State of Inbound, they report that LinkedIn is only leading Facebook with business professionals by a very small margin. Part of that reason is that Facebook now has more users on their site than any country in the world has citizens, allowing them to reach a more extensive range of people, including business people.

How has Facebook changed to appeal to professionals?

  • Jobs Page: According to Fortune, Facebook unveiled this feature in the United States and Canada in February 2017. The Jobs feature allows companies to post jobs on their company page or by creating an entirely new page for them. Additionally, companies are able to post their jobs for free. Potential applications can search for jobs by area, part or full time, and type of work they are interested in.
  • Workplace by Facebook: This feature allows people to create a work account, which is different from a personal one. A Facebook spokesperson said, “With a Workplace account, you can use Facebook tools to interact with co-workers. Things you share using your work account will only be visible to other people at your company.” A bonus: you shouldn’t get in trouble for using this Facebook at work. Just remember, you need to stay professional and keep up business etiquette on this Facebook page.

So what does this mean for your business? If you haven’t already started using Facebook now may be the time to start. Here are some tips we recommend:

  • Sign up: Not everyone has a Facebook page (even though more than one billion do) but if you are one of those who doesn’t, it’s the first step to take.
  • Create your own business page: By having your own page, you are able to personalize it. Advertise your services, schedule your own posts, and monitor who is liking and commenting on your page.
  • Advertise locally: Facebook has a number of advertising packages that are relatively inexpensive. Before promoting them, you are also able to choose what demographics to choose; like age, gender, and distance radius.
  • Create a content calendar: The best way to stay on people’s radars is to post material. Make your content relevant to your viewers, but also make sure there are some fun posts. To see some examples, check out our Facebook Page. If possible, try to stick to a schedule; it will draw viewers back to your page if they know when you will be posting new material.

While we recommend using Facebook, that doesn’t mean that you should disregard other social media sites. We find that the best social media plan incorporates a range of content and platforms. However, the best rule of social media is to be where your clients and customers are.

For more tips, or for help developing a Facebook Marketing Plan, contact Kendra Corman at or at 248-923-1424.