In our last blog post, we talked about how influential LinkedIn is. You know it’s important for you and your business to have your own profile, but do you know what you should or should not be doing with your LinkedIn account?


1) Everyone knows it should be professional, but does that exactly mean? Well, first of all, you need to have a professional photo for your profile picture. It’s important when building your brand that you have a professional picture of you or your business’ logo, depending on whom the page is for.

2) You should make sure to connect with your current friends, family, and clients (as long as they won’t spam your timeline with irrelevant information because you want your LinkedIn feed to stay business related.). Having these connections will allow you to find information about prospective clients through their connections, expanding your network.

3) In addition, you should make sure to keep your account up to date. LinkedIn is a great place to post new content and information about yourself and your business If you’re no longer looking for a job, update your job to your new position or if you got a new hair color, update your profile picture so people can more easily recognize you.

In contrast, there are three things you should currently not be doing.


1) Don’t delete people just because you don’t know them. If you think you might get to know them, archive their invite or reach out before accepting to start a relationship. You should also make sure to check your spelling and grammar in any content you post. Few things looks less professional than being an adult and not knowing the difference between they’re, there, and their.

2) Ask for recommendations, but not from everyone. Only ask your most valuable clients and closest business friends, because they will have the most authentic feedback and people viewing your profile will notice that. Having too many recommendations looks like you’re trying too hard whereas having too few makes it look like people don’t like your business or like working with you.

We hope this post has given you more information how to have the most professional and successful LinkedIn account. If you have any more questions, email Kendra Corman at