This blog is Part V in our series on dissecting an email. As we stated in Part I: Subject Lines, we’ve found that optimizing emails for performance is a little mystifying for some people. Here at H2H Consulting we think it’s smart to incorporate links into your emails, so this post focuses on links.

The first thing to do is make sure your links are distinguishable from your other text. Some people choose to use text or button links. Anything that makes them stand out is preferable.

Links should not be the URL. Those are an eyesore. A good practice we use is to include the website or video title. Another tried and true method is the “Click here” or “Learn More” calls to action. If you do use click here or learn more, make sure that your readers know what they are going to be directed should they click.

Like we said in our previous post, include links on your images! Many people will click the picture as a link rather than the text link.

Finally, triple check that your links actually work! Don’t make the mistake of sending an email with an incorrect or missing link. That will cause annoyance and confusion in your readers and will reflect on you and your brand poorly.

Hopefully this post has given you some tips ways to incorporate images into your emails. Check back soon for our final post in the series, the email footer!