At H2H Consulting, we have partnered with Constant Contact to enhance our clients’ email marketing efforts.

Recently they unveiled new features on their site. For our clients that use Constant Contact, or for those interested in partnering with them, here’s what you need to know.

With the Constant Contact app, you could easily enter text for your emails. Now you can add pictures as well. Choose from the Constant Contact photo library, your phone or tablet’s photo library, or use the camera to add a new picture.

You can now specialize your email’s background. This will help you stand out of the dozens of other emails in your clients’ inbox. Try using your company’s brand colors or a pattern that is easily recognizable as your company. If you aren’t interested in those options, Constant Contact has already imported a variety of images you can choose from.

Advertising your social media through your emails is a great way to drive readers to your various platforms. Now it’s even easier than before. You can use Constant Contact to create and schedule your posts on social media as well as advertising your sites. This means you don’t have to use an additional website for scheduling content.

Tracking your email performance is another feature they’ve upgraded. You can see which of your emails have had the highest open rate, click rate, and even bounce rate. You can choose how many or which emails you want to view at one particular time. They also added a feature to see who in your contact list responded to which emails you’re sending out.

Curious what links people are looking at? There’s an update for that too. It’s called the Visual Click Through and tells you the top link of the email.

You can sort your emails in new ways. In addition to “Last Modified”, “A – Z” and “Z – A” they have added “Start Date Oldest” and “Start Date Newest”. No need to endlessly scroll now.

Some of these new additions are only available through the Third-Generator Editor. It’s free and if you want to upgrade, just email their Customer Support Team.

Don’t have an email marketing system? Check out Constant Contact here or contact Kendra Corman at to learn more about which email marketing system is right for your organization.