When marketing, it is important for companies to know what matters to their target audience outside of the services and products they provide.

Consumers today care about corporate social responsibility and cause marketing.

What’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Cause Marketing?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company’s way of being accountable for its own personal actions as well as surrounding social and environmental issues. A report by Nielsen shows that 52% of consumers purchased a product from one or more companies that were socially responsible.

Cause marketing ties into CSR. This is a way of marketing specifically for social causes. A company may raise awareness of an organization or help promote its products.

How to Cause Market

A study by Cone Communications reported that 90% of consumers would likely support a brand or company if it had ties to a social cause. If you want to see an increase in consumers supporting your company, try partnering with an organization that supports a cause people care about.

Consumers want to see a company make a difference in the community and not just focus on making a profit.

Any company can participate in cause marketing. Find an organization that relates to your company or an issue your company cares about.

Not sure what cause to support? We have compiled a brief list of causes that consumers care about to help get you started:

  • Poverty
  • Children
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Animals
  • Disaster relief
  • Gender equality

Knowing that over half of consumers will focus on a company that supports a cause, you can see how significant cause marketing could be.

Are you considering cause marketing?

If you are, don’t just pick a random cause from the list above, but stay true to your brand.

For example, Panera always donates its day old baked goods rather than throwing them away, and Aflac has a Duckprints campaign to fight childhood cancer.

Both causes are tied into the brand and the products they offer reinforcing the message with their customers.

What is the right cause for your company?

At H2H Consulting, we know how vital Cause Marketing is to your company. We are here to help guide you in the right path to corporate responsibility and better marketing.